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Mary: Managing Director

In order to provide our Clients with the high level of service they require, and simultaneously win new business, it is essential that we build a professional and committed MCA Team.  This team embodies in depth skills in a broad range of technologies and disciplines.

MCA Team members win and retain business because of their professional skills and high level of personal commitment to delivering a superior service to MCA Clients.  MCA go the extra kilometre for their Clients.

In turn, the MCA Company is committed to the MCA Team members in terms of professional training, personal growth and participation in the financial success of the company. 

Trusted Relationships

In our experience, a pre-requisite for effective business solutions is the building of much tighter relationships between a corporation and its Clients, suppliers and other business partners.  MCA achieves this by radically improving the speed and integrity of communications, and more importantly maintaining the confidentiality of Client’s business affairs.

We cement our relationships with clients by ensuring that our approach is a problem solving, rather than a fault-finding approach. Our staff is trained to be courteous, informative and open in their interaction with clients. The success of this method is borne out in

our retention rate, which reflects an extremely low client changeover to rival companies.   

Responsibility for a Business Solution

Our role is to take responsibility for the performance of our services so as to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We believe that a structured consultative approach should be followed in meeting our clients’ objectives.

Above all, we strive to uphold quality and integrity in anything we do. Ethics and morality are not mere words on paper, we weave it into the very fabric of the company.  

While integrity and objectivity is our basic standard, we realise the need to transfer financial skills to client environment. 


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